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Berty Internal gears are also metal but not hardened. It looks to be an alloy. I have locked the rear differential on my Fy03 but it stripped the pinion gear soon after, the torque load is too great in bound up conditions so I would advise to keep it unlocked so the axle do not get bound or over stressed.

2021-03-19 06:40:31 (1)
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Berty I have installed this the front of my Axial SCX10ii, had to add 4mm spacers due to diameter being larger than Axial parts. Found one of the 3 holes in the piston to be closed so drilled it to be same as all other holes, also lubricated the shaft seals with silicone grease as they were installed dry. Very happy with the performance.

Berty 20/01/2021

: What size are the rear shocks?

BG245620114 2021-01-21 05:00:48

Berty from the description: have you read it? Front Shock:total length 92mm,max diameter 21mm,Upper and lower mounting hole distance 85mm Rear Shock:total length 105mm,max diameter 21mm,Upper and lower mounting hole distance 98mm

2021-01-26 10:42:46 (0)
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: what means 48 do?

Rodo301 2021-01-20 10:16:50

Berty 48DP is the gear teeth size to ensure compatibility with similar 48dp spur reduction gears

2021-01-21 02:35:00 (1)
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Berty Hi this will be a good option as it has good power for bigger wheel RCs, do note that this servo is not the fastest option for fast trucks and is probably better suited to crawlers. The 25kg DSServo might be a better option, also available on Banggood.

2021-01-21 02:32:11 (0)
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: Spare parts available? I coulnd't find it :(

BG101141213 2021-01-10 01:55:42

Berty search: zd racing 1:10 many of the other model parts are interchangeable

2021-01-15 01:00:54 (0)
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Berty 144001 motor mount is not adjustable for smaller pinions, only have mounting holes for 2840 brushless motor other than for the 550 brushed motor. You could try drilling new mount holes or dremmel slots in the stock mount. too small a pinion will have the motor touching the drive shaft.

2021-01-09 07:40:29 (0)
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