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: Can i use this for goggles display?

BG013134216 2021-06-06 03:18:35

DrMichael The short answer is Yes, but don't underestimate the amount of work needed. Designing an effective optical path will be critical. You will probably need to arrange some sort of mirror system to keep the display at a suitable distance from the eyes. It's all do-able. Good Luck!

2021-06-06 04:23:40 (1)
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DrMichael I'm not sure what you are asking here, There are quite a few tutorials on the internet. A useful resource is: https:<*><*><*>ORIG<*>FGT<*>H5J3<*>IUKEZCYF<*>FGTH5J3IUKEZCYF.pdf ( I have changed the path delimeter above to <*> because this forum does not allow posting links).

2021-05-27 06:15:18 (0)
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: what does it mean (+- 1,5%+5) of the accuracy?

BG491041791 2021-05-20 05:29:58

DrMichael It means there are two parts to the accuracy: a percentage, and a count (essentially the precision) identifying the least significant part of the displayed measurement. Here's how Fluke describe it: "Accuracy may also include a specified amount of digits (counts) added to the basic accuracy rating. For example, an accuracy of ±(2%+2) means that a reading of 100.0 V on the multimeter can be from 97.8 V to 102.2 V. Use of a digital multimeter with higher accuracy allows for a great number of applications."

2021-05-20 05:44:28 (1)
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