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Karohan işe yaramadı :(

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Q: Tarantula pro için uygun mu?

Asked by Karohan on 2019-11-23 01:59:50

jaiger Short answer = NO. This is not a complete kit for Tarantula PRO. Some of the parts included in this kit can be used along with other parts purchased or printed to make a dual-Z upgrade to PRO model. I am doing this now as I did not know it would not work with my PRO. I recommend you get a PRO specific dual-Z upgrade rather than mix and match this kit with other parts.

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Karohan bütün yazıcılar Autobed level destekler. Müşterilerinizi yanıltmayın. Cihazda olmayan özellikleri ekliyorsunuz

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Q: Is the product sent with TMC2208 driver?

Asked by chtayz on 2019-10-19 02:16:16

Karohan yanıltıcı bilgi vermeyin 2 adet tmc2208 diğerleri a4988 ?

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Q: Vergi iadesi var mı?

Asked by Fatih taşlı on 2019-11-17 07:35:26

Karohan sigorta yaparsan evet

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