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Q: can it drives motor reverse and forward?

Asked by BG122039151 on 2021-05-03 08:42:22

BG554147891 Yes they do fwd and rev. however they are very sensitive to the off point at centre stick, 1.5mS. New receivers should be OK with new TXs, but my old JR X347 had too much jitter at the centre position so would not allow the ESC to arm at power up. Have to have the spring loaded stick or wheel to ensure centred else it wont arm (it peeps the motor when it has)

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Q: What is the maximum input voltage of the battery Thank you

Asked by Franco on 2020-10-04 12:06:58

BG554147891 If you go to the BG web page for the item you will find the battery size defined by 2S-4S (8.4V - 16.8V for the upto 30A ESC and 2S-6S (8.4V to 25.2V) for the 40 to 80A.

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Q: does this ESC having braking for a RC car ?

Asked by matty53937 on 2020-09-23 09:02:17

BG554147891 Noit doesn't. In fact care is required as the centre position is very sensitive to jitter. I used it on an old JR X347 radio with a 2.4Ghz modules and a new 2.4Ghz RX and the TX jitter is to high at the centre point . Tried it on a Flysky car transmitter and it worked fine, but there is no brake. its fwd and rev. If you want a brake function, like I did for a hovercraft twin thusters with a reverse I used the Hobbyking aerostar ESC used on the bush mule twin float plane. That works great as it won't allow reverse to engage till the motor has stopped and you can set braking force too.

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BG554147891 Bestcheck with spektum bus protocols. I use it with Radio master T16S and it works fine

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