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Robert yes it comes with bnc connector

2022-01-10 03:30:46 Helpful (0)
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Q: is there a parts list identifying which part is which?

Asked by tholl on 2019-10-26 10:50:34

Robert You can download an app from Google or whichever phone you're using that can take a photo of you instructions and translate them into whichever language you require

2021-10-16 12:32:07 Helpful (1)
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Robert Hopefully you have the jumper cable. Connect red, which is positive, to + terminal on vehicle battery, and black to - terminal or the earth of the vehicle. Warning! Connect red first.

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Robert I don't think that it's an option with this model, see if using an external microphone helps, if you have one.

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Robert Hi. When using voice/sound activation, it stays on, but the screen darkens to save battery. But the voice recorder needs to be kept still, due to some internal movement microphone or battery. But in all a very nice unit.

Robert 15/09/2021
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