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jamesbou No, I when you connect to another device, it then becomes the device the earbuds seek when they are turned on. However, that it is super simple to reconnect then to the original device. Takes less than a minute. I've got a pair of monster speakers that I bounce between two different phones and a laptop, but I so I do this quite often. Easy-peasy.

2022-01-26 02:42:51 Helpful (1)
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BG233254301 можно подключить, но нужно при подключений отключать Bluetooth на 2 устройстве

2022-03-13 12:35:55 Helpful (1)
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BG453652403 Yes u can use two, although it is somewhat difficult you will have to pair one earbud at a time to each device keeping the other off while pairing the other.

2022-02-11 08:43:09 Helpful (0)
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