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Quaffheep1712 After the car rectifier effectively stabilizes the current in and out of the battery, the life of the battery is naturally longer, otherwise the current before and after the unloading current is extremely damaging to the battery.

2021-05-05 04:57:13 (1)
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LeGlaude Youcan use under Linux. It works very well !

2020-11-08 10:25:53 (0)
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kiwiMark I tried 2 of my 32650 cells (slightly longer than D cells, but same diameter) and they don't quite fit in at the same time, it does charge 1 x D cell just fine though. This is with the 2-cell version. I can't charge D cells with my Xtar charger, so this Nitecore charger is definitely better.

2020-09-18 03:30:47 (1)
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