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Q: is it work for BLDC 12 v motor

Asked by na29 on 2019-01-19 12:23:17

bwientjes Yesit does, but do not expect top results since this is not designed for those motors. If you need an RPM controller for a BLDC motor, get one that is specifically designed for one. This one is designed for DC spindle motors.

2022-05-08 05:22:57 Helpful (0)
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Q: Is this Can use for metal detector sensor

Asked by BG453717542 on 2020-01-30 05:17:58

bwientjes No.This is an assortment of different sensors (temperature, humidity, gyro, angle switches, LEDs, Infrared, radar, and so forth) that you can use for prototyping your projects. It does not contain a metal detector.

2022-05-08 05:18:16 Helpful (0)
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