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BG498404516 13/04/2021
I didn't use the T-Lite except once in DRL. This is my second transmitter, the first one being the BetaFPV Literadio2, another entry-level. The format is very similar, but there are key differences that are less obvious than the screen and the external antenna. I won't go into the functions, setup and mods as there are a TON of reviews on YouTube already by people more knowledgeable than me in the drone hobby. I'll stick to my first impressions and compare it to the BetaFPV product that I know. Both transmitter have a rubber paint finish, but it feels of better quality on the Literadio2. There are also 2 zones with a grippy texture on the outside and back of the BetaFPV where the hand are holding the transmitter, much like a PS4 controller, that are not present on the Jumper. Finally, the two lower portion of the Literadio2 are rounder than the T-Lite, making the Literadio2 again feeling more like a PlayStation controller and making the Jumper feeling slightly bulkier. Because of that, and I was shocked, the Literadio2 feels more premium/refined in hand. Everything else is better on the Jumper T-Lite and there are so much more it can do in comparison. The gimbals feel significantly better and seemed more precise during my limited use. The screen is easy to use and allow adjustments without plugging the transmitter in a computer and using a sketchy program (openTX companion for Literadio2). Talking computer, for use on simulator I prefer the placement of the USB port on the top of the T-Lite, away from the user, as opposed as pointing toward the used on the Literadio2. It always felt awkward and that the USB cable was in the way. As usual, the box was partially crushed. Thankfully the packaging is robust and well designed to protect the transmitter from damage. The only blemish was a slight rubbing damage underneath the transmitter where a PS4 right trigger would be, probably linked the the lower quality of the rubber finish I mentioned earlier. In conclusion, my humble opinion is the the better product would be the Jumper T-Lite using the Literadio2 housing.

BG498404516 There is an issue with your transmitter, the up key must be physically stuck or else it's a problem with the board inside. There are known issue of the transmitter showing a "key stuck" warning on the screen. I thinks you have to take a capacitor off the board. Seriously ask Banggood or Jumper service, they will help you.

2021-05-21 08:01:13 (1)
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: How to connect the mask to a PC simulator?

BG179341410 2021-05-01 03:41:30

BG498404516 It does not seem easy, there are plenty of information online. You need an HDMI to avi converter and then you have to trick the converter to detect the goggles. Soldering a resistance is involved at some point. Just play on your computer screen, less of an hassle...

2021-05-04 06:14:51 (1)
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BG498404516 This is the single battery version. 2S Lipo 1500 mAh. Good for 7-10 minutes.

2021-04-18 12:46:11 (0)
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BG498404516 It's clearly written from April 15th to April 23rd...

2021-04-18 12:09:09 (2)
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: Do you sell different tips for it? Thanks!

BG135037161 2021-04-12 12:17:10

BG498404516 The tips have been out os stock for 6+ months. I bought mine on Fleeeebay.

2021-04-18 12:08:10 (2)
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BG498404516 Since this is a "bind and fly", as indicated by the " BNF" in the product description, this is only the drone with a Frsky D8 receiver. You need to supply your own controller, and the great responsibility to get the right one will be yours!!

2021-04-15 06:13:49 (0)
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BG498404516 The module adapter is included with the transmitter. If it's missing from your unit, the only sensible thing to do is to contact Banggood CS or Jumper CS. One or the other should get you covered.

2021-04-14 07:10:33 (0)
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