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Faheem99 I received the product yesterday, I tried it, the quality of the projected video is very good, it works very well in bright environments, the sound is good, you can't ask for much because the cabinet is small and made of plastic. The product came very well packed, the transport received blows, since the box was damaged, but its content was not affected in the least. I really liked it, I highly recommend it.

sergiolar 2020-06-29 08:11:53
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Faheem99 Hello. I waited a very short time for the BW VP1 Pro projector. I bought it in advance sale and received it after 2 weeks from the day of purchase. Shipping was from China. The projector works very well for the price and achieving an image of 100 inches from a distance of 3 meters is not a problem. Of course in a darkened room. The projector, contrary to some opinions, is not loud at all. Wireless image transfer via WiFi from a netbook (Windows10) and a smartphone is not a problem. The problem was, however, 3 large ferns (pollen) on the optics inside the projector. After unscrewing the small lower flap and cleaning the mirrors with compressed air, the paprika (pollen) disappeared. I think that what to do if you get dust from the projector should be included in the user manual. For now, I'm casting the picture on a white canvas and waiting for the delivery of the screen, which I also bought. I can confidently recommend this projector for the price offered. Good goods at a good price.

dakces 2020-06-23 11:08:22
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