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juiceike I'd go for 7W version. But be sure to test it on some spare key beforehand. Every material behaves differently, so you can never tell the result before trying it. Start with let's say 20% laser power and 15ms burning time and if it's too low, slowly increase the power. Before engraving always check that the lens are focused on the engraved surface. Also, write the text in the program that comes with this laser (it will draw only outlines). If you'd try to engrave text from a picture, or engrave "filled" letters, it will melt the plastic!

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juiceike I think it's for indoor use only.

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juiceike 2020-07-18 20:37:51
This is finally some laser engraver that can be easily assembled/disassembled, so it's suitable for people like me, who don't want to have it on their desktop all the time when they use it just occasionally. The assembling is really quick and easy. However, the laser connector is not accessible well - that's problematic especially during disassembling. But what made me upset the most is the package. It doesn't even come in a paper box - only in a soft foam! When you want to store it after using it, this is really disappointing. Thankfully I placed an inflammable fibergips board underneath the engraver before I started. I used the recommended time for cardboard (from the manual). I just wanted to engrave some test pattern (a leaf), but instead, it cut through the cardboard and engraved the fibergips board too. Then I tested it on some bottle caps. I used the same time (30ms) for all of them, but you can see different results based on the cap's color. Note, that on the blue cap parts with white text were engraved slightly better. So I tried a white cap. In this case, only spots with red text were engraved. That says, always test it before you'll engrave something valuable. Lastly, I tried to engrave wood (as well as the cardboard pieces, it was part of the package). Despite of suggested 30ms I set time only to 15ms and laser power to 80%. Still, the result was a bit overburnt (see the photo). Then I tried 15ms and 50% power and it turned out just fine. On the photo, it doesn't look well, but keep in mind that the wood pieces are only one inch big! The recommended software is easy to use and intuitive - the only thing I miss there is that you can only engrave one object at the time. I'd like to copy it multiple times and engrave all at once. Hopefully, it will come as an upgrade one day! Last, but not least: despite just little warnings, this laser is really powerful! With its 2,5W optical output, it's a Class 4 laser. Google what does it mean before using it!
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juiceike Youcan set laser power (0 - 100%) and burning time (in nano seconds). So you can always reduce its power. If you want more, you can set number of cycles and it will repeat the pattern again (and again). This is useful when you need deeper cuts, but longer continuous burning time would simply burn it instead. I haven't tried to cut wood with this engraver yet (if you want to do so, they recommend rather 20W module), but from what I read the depth of the cut has its limits - regardless of how many cycles you will do.

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