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Freemail Softwarename is "wowcam".

2022-10-04 05:59:19 Helpful (0)
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Q: Can you use just 2 of the sensors for a trailer?

Asked by BG493711151 on 2022-07-22 09:12:45

Freemail This is not optimal for you, search for motorcycle set. When you nit install 3. and 4. sensor, the central unit will alarm on all of times.

2022-07-23 10:58:15 Helpful (0)
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Freemail What more? All parameters are real, reverse cam works, only small thing, I cannot give notifications access to applications, this is under investigate with support.

Freemail 22/04/2022
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Q: can this fit on a renault clio 4?

Asked by Kwanda on 2022-06-04 04:08:24

Freemail If you have a 2din slot.

2022-06-04 04:35:30 Helpful (0)
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Q: languages??? thanks

Asked by Bougiamas on 2022-01-15 02:52:39

Freemail Languages that tuya supports. If you haven't tuya, will not use this.

2022-05-01 04:13:43 Helpful (0)
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Freemail Ha van 2din méretű szabvány hely, akkor oda mehet, de számíts rá, hogy a kijelző a keret körül kitakar dolgokat. Nézz utana mielőtt megveszed.

2022-05-01 04:08:56 Helpful (1)
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