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Daz I wish you could buy the switch set as shown in this picture, see how one is offset ? The only one I can find listed to purchase the switches are all set in line.

2020-11-23 05:34:35 Helpful (0)
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Q: does include sway bar?

Asked by JORDANSPACEPATRICK on 2019-10-20 04:40:38

Daz From the pictures it indicates it has front and rear sway bars , @ Mugwump sway bar on an RC car helps with body roll, it links both suspension arms with a flexible “bar”

2020-04-24 08:43:53 Helpful (0)
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Q: is it top speed car the intense gameplay the fast one

Asked by Soouos on 2020-04-24 05:14:52

Daz This car was tested by Kevin Talbot @ 42 MPH (62 KPH) very stable but it could do with a better servo.

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