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Q: y is there no rtr version???

Asked by Shoshone Edwards on 2021-03-25 09:24:15

brandonpauldaniels there is an rtr, when you click on the item it will show a N01 or N02, one has electronics and is rtr, the other is a roller with no electronics

2021-03-26 07:04:54 Helpful (0)
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brandonpauldaniels Did you install this motor into a Cen colossus xt/reeper? if so did it clear the front plate

Danny L Jean 21/01/2021
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brandonpauldaniels ive had tested speed of 47mph or 75kmh on 4s with going from a 13t pinion to a 15, but i didn't get full speed i believe as i was on a curbed road and it was a short distance with tires pictured

brandonpauldaniels 31/10/2020
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Q: Me encajaría en un feiyue FY03H?? Usted dígame

Asked by BG150401412 on 2021-01-12 10:39:48

brandonpauldaniels esc typically comes without banana plugs for the motor so youll need them and my servo has this weird twitch when recentered sometimes and will glitch back and forth until i steer

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Q: is there a way just to run 1 lipo?

Asked by BG253103316 on 2021-01-24 09:30:23

brandonpauldaniels make or buy a deans plug jumper ti connect one side

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brandonpauldaniels these should fit, just be careful, on my senton blx with hot racing 12mm hex it looks like the hex is trying to strip but i may be wrong, great traction and driveability kn my. zd racing zmt10

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Q: does it really not have a reverse function

Asked by BG162519223 on 2021-01-27 11:33:37

brandonpauldaniels this has reverse, ive ran this in 2 vehicles, no issues from motor or esc, servos still in my pirate 3 and motor and esc are now in a team associated mgt 4.6 electric conversion, its got lots of power but if you run it in a vehicle around 13 pounds or heavier you need to run a smaller pinion, my mgt i had to run a 11tpinion to 46spur where on my pirate3 i had a 15t pinion

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Q: does anyone know whether the original tires have 0 or 1/2 "offset

Asked by BG981394643 on 2020-12-26 05:14:43

brandonpauldaniels i believe .5" off set, personally i think the pirate 2 is a little better designed

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Q: 2650kv can I put a 4s battery?

Asked by BG501183822 on 2020-12-22 07:15:39

brandonpauldaniels this motor is 4s capable

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Q: can I fix thison on ZD racing zmt-10 10427s ?

Asked by BG855749491 on 2020-12-17 04:15:26

brandonpauldaniels yes, i have them on my zmt10, only thing is i had to bore the hingepin hole to the proper size with a drill bit because the holes were small

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Q: Can these be used for snow??

Asked by runner71 on 2020-12-29 02:54:51

brandonpauldaniels i don't know about traction but definitely glue the with tire or ac glue first

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