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apoormarksman Only the 2 servos + 620 motor (no plug, just bare wires) + propellor supplied. Carbon fibre pushrods and wire ends need to be assembled with Superglue and there is shrink tubing to make a neat job. There are 2x long and 2x shorter carbon fibre rods and one of each seems to be needed for connecting the control surfaces. So wondering what to do with the other rods . . the bag labelled 'instructions' sadly did not contain any instructions, and nothing posted as yet in any reviews. You will have to purchase your own micro receiver and Tx. A pity the illustrations showed a receiver fitted when one was not supplied. Trying to figure out how the undercarriage is supposed to fit. There is definitely an order in which parts are glued together otherwise you will have left the motor wires out or not got the fuselage straight. On the plus side, everything fits accurately and assembles easily and stickers are accurately printed + cut.

2019-07-13 04:58:05 (3)
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