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Feroc You put the metal plate on your phone (with adhesive, or for example I slide it under my not too thick phone case because I dont want to use any glue on my phone and I think it's ugly when a metal plate is on my phone). Under the black circle in this product (see it in the pictures) there are magnets so it will hold the metal plate. And the metal plate is on your phone so it's hold the phone.

2021-04-21 03:15:53 (0)
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Feroc The thickness is 10mm but I think it can hold 12mm as well. The problem would be the usb c. It's on the middle so about 5mm high. If on your phone the USB c is about 6-7 mm maybe it will not fit in the phone properly. The USB c can be tilted a bit (to make the usage easier) but if it's in the tilted position I think it won't plug properly in the phone because it's not in straight position.

2021-04-21 03:07:03 (0)
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Feri It's works with p20 pro. Maybe P20 lite is not an otg phone. Check with an otg checker app.

2019-09-23 05:44:05 (0)
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