BG322457013 Update 11.01.2022 - today I tested the speakers at the ARC HDMI output on my Hisense TV via an Digital/Analog Box and a cinch-cinch connection.For me the sound is much better than the built in speakers of the TV,specially the basses.Also I taped the anoying blue lights and fixed the satelites to the back of the TV with simple L-form bars.

BG322457013 28/12/2021
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BG322457013 Update: After assembling following the instructions and testing the chair for a couple of days, I decided to turn the baseplate 180° which means that the up/down leveler is now at the right handside.Also decreased the springload to the lowest level.This modification raises the front of the seatcusion which for myselfe feel more comfortable.

BG322457013 14/12/2021
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