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Q: looks like multi module works for this chip!!

Asked by elvill on 2020-04-14 17:41:50

VirginiaJim So, DOES the multiprotocol module work with this plane??? If it DOES, then experienced pilots would be able to buddy box these planes to better instruct newbies how to fly them. For that matter, is... See More

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Q: Will the jumper tx bind to this rx?

Asked by elvill on 2019-02-27 11:45:43

Palomino no

2019-02-27 21:16:41 Helpful (0)
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Piggyg0u7 hi,it can be flown outdoor,and it is expected to restock at the end of this month.

2018-02-08 00:12:12 Helpful (1)
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