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dCrypto666 30/03/2021
There are a lot of headache in the hobby. Full size's Txs take up space. FC boards with or without betaflight use specific protocol and some protocols aren't supported at all by any FC. But T-lite is the perfect " multi-protocol go to " Tx. Compare to X-lite, T-lite seems X-Heavy. Mine came with RED gimbals sticks. It has nice ( ergonomic ) design, nice feel touch and great features ( Multi-Protocol, OpenTx, Hall Gimbals, External RF ). So cute ! My VTC6 18650 fit well inside ( BTW i heard people complain that it doesn't go all the way down to 2.5V. BUT Li-ion minimum voltage depends on manufacturers. It means for some batteries it is 3.0V for others 2.5V. The same for amps. Considering batteries specification and voltage sags, 3.2V as default cutoff is secure). The external module bay make it kind of upgradable ( Do not hesitate to use an external power source for the External module ). OpenTx is great. But i changed the famous " Welcome to openTx " for " You turn me on " from Amber. I tested T-Lite and it binds with DSSS, DSAM, X800, X600 easily ! The E010 R5 is supported but i wasn't able to bind so far. Someone wants a E010 R5 ? As a GAMEPAD styleTx you have enough space in-between switches. As a pincher i gonna have to get use to T-lite ( to thumbing ). By the time, labels will probably disapears. After using it a few hours you won't care. There is no reverse polarity protection. Who care ? The battery will stay in place for months/years. Just make sure to " visually " remember when you'll have to change the battery. The only drawback for me is the lack of spare parts and specially the " external Module bay ". Otherwise T-lite is perfect ! It tooks almost 1 month and a half to arrive. No regret ! The more i use it, the more i like it. 🥰 Thx,
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dCrypto666 11/05/2021
Very satisfied and close to Perfect! To begin with i recommend avoiding the PPM protocol. The Betaflight version is decisive and its configuration maybe "tricky". The board may behave strangely: 1 - The RANGE 1000-2000 may not be obtained. 2 - The RANGE obtained (other than 1000-2000) fluctuates. One day it can display values ​​and the next day different values. 3 - When adjusting the RANGE with the RXRANGE command, the drone behavior becomes " unpredictable ": a) the throttle may " takes off " suddenly. The drone then leaps in any direction. b) board's excessive failsafe or reboot. It seems like board, battery, or both dysfunction. c) the drone may suddenly lose altitude. Apart from the fluctuation and the lack of range due to the PPM / DSM2 receiver, the aforementioned malfunctions are due (in my case) to the configuration. To solve: - The card / The drone must work correctly before putting a camera (In case of PB, test/configure with a version of BTFL <= 3.5.6). - Avoid RXRANGE. My current range is 1060-1860. It can go down to 1053-1853 (The different thresholds and deadbands are adjusted accordingly). After the addition of connector, rubber and hot glue the design has evolved in order to keep the weight close to 20g. Because of the PPM receiver, the drone is probably a little less powerful than the SBUS version but it works very well and with Eachine E010 1s 3.7V 200mAh 30C batteries (0 loss of altitude and full speed). so: (To conclude) Product is AE (As Expected). Package content is great but with 2 or 3 more screws it would be even better (Close to perfect). Thx,
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