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harry64 For30 pins: 7-Key-Button 2ch-8bit-30-LVDS-Cable 4-Lamp-Inverter-p-1401659.html?cur_warehouse=CN. For 40pins: 7-Key-button 2ch-8bit-40Pins-LVDS-Cable 4pcs-Lamp-Inverter Speaker EU-Power-Adapter-p-1401876.html?cur_warehouse=CN

2020-12-15 05:07:41 (0)
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harry64 Nope,LTN141W1-L03 and B141EW02 ver3 are 1ch 6bit 30pins and the board is 1ch 6bit 40pins. Maybe with another cable. Or 7-Key-button 1ch-6bit-30Pins-LVDS-Cable 1-Lamp-Inverter Speaker EU-Power-Adapter-p-1401877.html?cur_warehouse=CN

2020-12-15 05:04:52 (0)
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: Does this convert 12V to 5V?

remconet 2020-12-08 03:13:46

harry64 Noyou need something like this

2020-12-15 04:15:52 (0)
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harry64 The one I ordered is not 11cm but 10cm, unusable and it's the second time I have trouble with the specific one.

2020-12-12 05:07:00 (0)
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