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DrBob007 15/11/2019
The leads strike me to be well made. The probes seem both substantial and good quality. The clip-leads require SIGNIFICANT insertion pressure into my various Fluke meters to engage Electrical contact. Reserve judgement to see if the plug-ends become better formed to reliably slide into correct insertion in contrast to newly required FORCING into the meters to simply ensure electrical contact. Both alligator clips were received with their Female 'Banana' Jack's squeezed flat. As both alligator clips arrived nested within their Black and Red insulated covers, the clips were protected. Curiously, the manufacturer must have deliberately squeezes the Female jack-ends deliberately as this could not have occurred during shipment. Accordingly I was obliged to re-shape the ends to accommodate correct insertion into the lead-ends. This took a fair amount of time to figure a method which would result in a snugly consistent fit. In the event someone else encounters this abnormality and scratches their head, I took this approach (which worked) but wasted about 20 minutes of my time as the alligator clips should have been shipped in perfect condition but were not. My approach started with using a slightly over-sized wood screw to roundly re-open the squeezed Female 'Banana' Jack-ends. I firmly gripped the alligator clips with lineman pliers to prevent the clips from twisting & distorting while screwing in the 1-1/2" wood screw it's full length. I then used what struck me to be a slightly smaller O.D. (Outer Diameter) drill bit shank to squeeze the now roundly-expanded Female 'Banana' Jack-ends to fit around that shank. Slightly smaller O.D. than the Male plug end the clips insert around (to snugly expand). It worked! Whew!!! 🙄👍