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BG561145513 2019-07-08 03:05:02
Excellent drone. Have had it for two days, done a few flights. Simple to get started. Ordering process went well, placed order on 17.06.2019. Payed by SOFORT (instant bank transfer method in Germany), processed immediately but payment too two days to clear which was frustrating - normally this method is instant in Germany and sellers ship your goods immediately (e.g. Amazon). Probably would recommend buyers use Paypal instead. Shipped after payment cleared using the method called "Priority Air Mail" from CN warehouse - this method is EXCELLENT in terms of customs, as they somehow ship the items in bulk to Europe then ship them as domestic items with a courier, in this case it was Hermes - so there were no customs duties at all. However this method is NOT EXCELLENT from a tracking perspective. Literally, two days after arriving, it still says "No shipping information available" on the banged webpage/app. I was able to track it using but only after it had arrived in Europe and was basically out for delivery - so it was very frustrating having no information about where the items actually were. Still - the shipping was prompt. Order placed on 17.06.2019 and it arrived on 08.07.2019. Photo shows the drone packed down into the hard polycarbonate backpack (also purchased from Banggood). Overall - value very good. Flies beautifully and image quality is really good. Quality - appears to be very solid construction, not flimsy. Appearance - nice. Hand controller in particular feels very comfortable in the hand.
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