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Q: Where to buy soap bottle (Germany)?

Asked by Arni1280 on 2022-01-09 01:12:01

pettros1 You can refill the soap bottle with any hand wash liquid disolved 1:3 with water

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Q: where is the Differenz between typ a and b ??

Asked by BG455318365 on 2022-03-30 01:43:31

pettros1 Type a is only the connector. Type b is the lightsaber

2022-03-30 02:10:59 Helpful (2)
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Q: What kind of fish can survive in such a small 8 liter tank?

Asked by pettros on 2021-08-11 04:25:39

Charles I have 1 male Beta and he is loving his own little home. Beta fish are so beautiful, and just having one really works well with enough decor, real or vinyl plants

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Q: hello ıs this LOSKII? or Blıtzwolf??

Asked by nogay00 on 2021-11-28 12:53:40

pettros1 First was Blitzwolf but now it is Loskii. It is exactly exactly the same product.

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