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culiforam 2018-03-07 03:11:38
It's a nice phone, but so heavy and thick. That's not the main problem though. The problem is the software. it is really useless. the phone can unlock by face-id, fingerprint og code. but if it's dark you can't use face-id, and you can't have both face-id and fingerprint so then you need to use your password. so for me, it ends up with not using the face-id, only the fingerprint-option, couse that's faster. the fingerprintsensor can't even be used to pull down menues or browse trough pictures, like hos huawei has made theiir phones. and it's so bad that my bank-app won't let me use fingerprint to log in, couse it can't be trusted. Of course, you get what you pay for, but if I had known it would be so shitty, I would never have ordered it. But I downloaded a theme launcher, and found an iphone X-theme, and now the phone is ok. it has features and speed that it lacked before. But I find it strange that it works faster when using a theme launcher. In my head that would make it slower, but no, the phone software in itself is to slow and bad. The phone looks good, it really does, but you need to use a whole day to fix the software and apps, to make it a real phone. and there are lots of features that I tought were basics, that's not there. maybe when we get android 8, but I fear it will only make it worse All in all, it's an ok phone, now that I've installed stuff on it, and I'll keep it for a while. It's really cheap so it's just fun to try something new. But I would rather pay twice as much, or more, to get a phone that actually works, than this again
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