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wilhil 05/06/2020
This flashlight is almost perfect. The popular Anduril user interface is the very best. Many options and very adaptable. I chose a 4000K emitter, so I can use the candle mode at low intensity. 5000K in candle mode looks too cold and ugly. I don't mind the slightly warm tint when I use it outdoors. A diffuser for candle mode is the only thing that is missing. The beam looks nice with a strong hot spot and gently dimming to a decent amount of spill around it. I recommend buying some high discharge 18350 cells plus a storage box. I mostly use these shorter cells, so I don't have to carry a tall, heavy light. Especially when using it as a headlight, this is an advantage. It only takes a moment to replace the cell, when it's out of juice. I love the USB-C charge port that is hidden behind a waterproof twist ring (adds just a little bit to the total length). When I use this charge port I use a usb source that limits the current to 1 A so I don't overstress the short Lithium cells. With the short tube this light is still shorter than it's 18650 competitors. The magnet tail is useful. Although the recessed switch is good and works lightly I still use manual lockout by twisting the tailcap. This prevents accidentally turning on the light. I don't use the lanyard and always keep the clip attached. This clip is sturdy enough to hold it in place on a cap, a pocket, or a bag. I am planning to adapt the headband so I can use this clip to attach it with a simple movement. I will also make an adapter for my bicycle, simply using the clip to mount the flashlight and secure it with a little twist. The 4 blue aux. leds look sweet and can be switched brighter, off, or to a flashing mode. The heavy aluminium host helps as a heat sink, which prolongs emitter life, if you use it a lot with high brightness. I have a nice modest collection of flashlights, but so far I have kept the BLF A6 with the short cells as my EDC. This light has now taken its place, even though it's a bit heavier.
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