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StickG@BG121712837 Prettymuch the same however I have a tinyhawk2 450mah and that lasted the longest it even beat 650Mah - It dropped from the sky once due to sag and to heavy to recover but I think that is because of a crappy 650mah battery I was using - I have a link to a video in my review I hit a branch and was losing power then it wouldn't of lasted much longer but that's how long mine lasted

StickG 23/03/2022
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Q: встроенный elrs на частоте 2,4 ggz?

Asked by stoke on 2022-01-24 07:06:59

StickG They asked because the answer is not in the description that you copied and pasted Is it 2.4Ghz or not?

2022-03-25 01:50:37 Helpful (0)
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