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dejo60 Howto use: 1. Download the IDE Link: http: http://.cc/en/Main/Software (Copy to open) 2. Download the USB chip driver Link: (Copy to open) 3. Plug in UNO development board, the driver will be installed automatically 4. Select the UNO from the Option 5. Select the COM port 6. The best choice first, come with routine procedures, burn into it.

BG512013334 27/07/2022
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BG821516445 This product only comes with the little sponge, and metal stand. apart from instructions, and soldering iron.

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Q: layar touch screen?

Asked by dony46 on 2020-10-17 09:22:52

dejo60 Yes the screen is a toucheable control

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dejo60 I got this microphone with XLR-3.5mm Jack cable. I don't know, what way can I powering with 5V on USB what it is written in the the specification? Specifications: Head: Capacitive Frequency response: 30Hz-20KHz Directivity: Cardioid Sensitivity: 25mV - Pa (-32db±2db) Power supply: USB DC 5V Material: metal Colour: Black

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