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Q: Shaft diameter?

Asked by Tiby on 2023-03-21 05:40:21

Carl Mark Cooke output shaft diameter is 3.00mm

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Q: Does this works with Flysky FS-GT2 ?

Asked by kenjiemartin on 2022-03-13 08:36:53

Carl Mark Cooke yes. the unit is compatible with pretty much any standard 3pin receiver plug

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Q: what speed of this motor.?

Asked by Jmc Morales Cabigon on 2019-09-02 06:14:11

Carl Mark Cooke couldn't tell you what the rpm is, as it would depend on the battery esc combination you were using. I can say that this is the fastest upgrade for the heng long tank as A direct replacement, recommended you use the 6.0 or higher controller. it has made a massive difference in speed in my Heng Long Challenger II and Leopard 2a6 tanks

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Q: will this fit on the wpl mn98? thanks in advance

Asked by Porkchop on 2022-02-14 04:23:30

Carl Mark Cooke if the MN98 is the landrover bodied model, then the shaft will fit. not sure about the mn86, though, as that uses a larger motor and different axles

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Carl Mark Cooke If you use this, you will need to fit a hobby grade receiver and transmitter, and a 3 wire servo . you can still use the original fit lights, but you will need to wire in a 220 ohm resistor and fit the lights with a suitable plug to fit the receiver

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Carl Mark Cooke this will not work with the original wpl transmitter. also note that main power is wired the opposite way round on an mn board, be careful when connecting to other batteries

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Q: Will this work with stock remote from wpl c25?

Asked by BG172116113 on 2022-01-22 02:33:43

Carl Mark Cooke No. you would need to use aftermarket radio to use this esc. I recommend flysky gt3c, this esc and 17g servo of your choice

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Carl Mark Cooke 28/10/2020
Arrived very quickly in excellent condition, no damage to the box at all. unboxing the item leads to a very well presented Armoured personnel carrier. underneath the model, the packaging holds the 7.4v 1500mah li-ion battery, a usb charger, screwdriver, and sticks for the remote, the remote itself is in the rear bay of the vehicle. A set of instructions are also in the box. What's good about it? It looks great, very quickly set up and running, it is fully proportianal with an adjustable throttle rate on the transmitter. It doesn't have suspension, but it does have reasonably soft air filled tyres, and will cope with moderately rough terrain, but don't expect it to run a crawler course. Controls rake a little getting used to but are easy enough after a couple of minutes practice. What's bad about it? It's not even close to 1:16 scale, even though its sold as such. picture shows it next to a WPL B16 which is around 1:18.5 true scale, making the EAT-07 around 1:22 scale. In summary, it's a fun little toy, great for the kids, and will make an interesting battlefield accessory for tankers like me. If I could make a recommendation to Eachine, produce this in a scale to match the Heng Long tanks, and you won't be able to build them fast enough. The model would make an Ideal 1:16 amphibian conversion for true rc modellers, and it looks clise enough to the Patria APC that a true scale conversion would be easy. Banggood, well done on packaging and delivery speed, you've really stepped up to the plate. Top Job!👍👍
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