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Chestnutfarmer 2020-08-15 08:30:08
Quick delivery to Uk, about 10 days,. Nice product and seems to work well. This is the 2nd one of these displays that I have bought, and there are a few differences. This can be used with a separate supply to power the display, (unlike a previous comment which says it cannot). this will allow voltage measurement down to 0v. Unlike earlier displays, this one has a small 2 pin socket on the PCB and a matching plug and short wires for connecting the serperate meter display power, earlier displays had to have the connections soldered onto the PCB. I think I saw somewhere that this supply can be 5 - 30v ?? However I have not been able to find this again and have found that mine works well between 6v and 9v, (display flickers a bit at 5v), don’t want to chance any higher voltage unless sure about it! The display I received has software version 5.7, my older display which I already had is version 5.3 which is slightly different on the menu and display settings. Also the short wires and crocodile clips supplied are heavier duty than my earlier model. I have not been able to find any decent instructions online at present, I’d be grateful if anyone else has found some. The bluetooth works well with my Iphone App, however the graphic display is next to useless at low voltages (graph scale range is 0-300v), so 5v area is hardly visible. I feel sure there must be some way to change the scale to say, 0-10v or 0-30v, but I have not found a way to do this yet. If anyone has any information on this I would be most grateful. It has an output socket for a relay which I believe can be controlled from the menu ie. high volts cut-off or low volts, or maybe temperature, but I’ve not played about with this function yet.
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Chestnutfarmer IT IS POSSIBLE to measure down to 0v by using a separate supply of about 6v or so to power the display itself. Earlier displays have the connections on the PCB (marked 5v and - next to the input screw terminals, look carefully at the photos). The later displays have a 2 pin socket on the PCB and wired plug supplied for the separate supply.

NusNus 2020-07-11 05:41:43
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Q: Does this work with the latest (2018) iPad Pro 12.9".

Asked by Chestnutfarmer on 2019-04-08 03:47:48

CostasV1969 It's working perfectly to my pc (Windows 10)

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