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BG489151131 ArduinoCode from arduino ide library’s they have examples and you can add to the examples to perform more actions or you can git codes from GitHub repository and the screens have ds card slots for storing information I hope that helps you

BG489151131 23/12/2020

: is this have screen and chip or only case

BG432233494 2021-04-11 07:58:46

BG489151131 It comes with case and screen it’s pretty decent I just wish the fan would fit in the case also

2021-04-13 08:27:34 (0)
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: Guide for this please ?

BG155354915 2021-04-13 06:30:20

BG489151131 Arduino ide has program for it and so does GitHub repository but check arduino and I believe that there’s a link to GitHub

2021-04-13 08:25:18 (0)
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Fukir Print size is 192x120x200mm, it does have build in wifi chip, it does have 5 inch HD touchscreen with new ui interface

2021-04-11 03:14:24 (4)
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