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Q: Does it has NFC ?

Asked by aalex497 on 2020-09-25 04:43:21

Jocel21 No, it does not have NFC.

2020-09-25 04:47:42 Helpful (1)
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Q: can use in home i mean in floor?

Asked by amirnasa on 2019-07-05 09:42:50

Jocel21 Yes, it can be used at home. You will get better results if you have a mattress or softened material underneath.

2020-05-02 01:41:21 Helpful (0)
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Q: Qual é a previsão para este telemóvel ficar disponível?

Asked by Jocel21 on 2020-02-18 08:03:04

Blenno phobia It is not available.

2020-02-19 09:28:54 Helpful (0)
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