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Q: How can I reset it? I can not erase the first WiFi

Asked by Carlosgp on 2019-05-30 04:15:03

BG453745593 Open the ewelink application,at the top you will find three dots,click on it and it will open a drop-down menù where at the botton you have the possibility to delete it. To reset it,press and hold the botton until the green led flashes.

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AndyReischle It is a typical RTL-SDR with the additional option to directly feed HF to the receiver (bypassing the tuner). There are plenty of tutorials on YouTube. The most important bit is to use Zadig to install the driver.

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Q: Cuantos a nanómetros emite?

Asked by Carlosgp on 2020-06-27 07:16:23

Decumbi ture about 30-50 square meters

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