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: What is the thread type/size of the sensor?

laricil 2021-05-17 09:00:23

lmml sorry, i do not know about it. you could contact the supplier for help.

2021-06-09 09:41:45 (0)
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laricil Silly answer above by Flash & 3 friends won]t help. Best use item ID: 1555085 or similar and limit cob temperature after 10mins of use to below 50C temperature for max COB life. Or if prefered use 14v PSU (or car battery) but only with item ID: 1510482 to limit current flow. If you must use a 12vdc supply make sure COB does not go above 50C.

2021-05-22 12:49:44 (0)
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: this is dimmerabile?

Nicolò Felli 2020-04-12 04:13:33

laricil I disagree totally ....ALL low voltage LED, and Led cobs are dimmable by reducing current flow . See item ID 1377153 (2pieces) for low power Cobs. You can also reduce using pulsewidth modulation at high frequencies (ID: 1757526) and also just by slightly reducing voltage supply as current draw reduces rapidly with voltage but it is always better to control current since temperature is also a factor and will alter the response to voltage change. Check real (not Banggood version) max power capabilities before purchasing controller. High voltage (110-220vac input) Cobs however have the voltage reduction electronic components integrated into the Cob to reduce complications and therefore rarely include dimming capabilities.

2021-05-22 11:14:49 (0)
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laricil ThanksI was worried by two different packing lists in same page. First one includes charger the second one further down page doesn't. Demand refund - good luck, unfortunately false advertising in China does not seem to be ilegal.

Tisse 02/05/2021