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Cypress 17/11/2020
Things you need to know: 1. The front driveshaft hits the lower suspension arm. You will need to grind some of the arm down or buy new. 2. The front shocks are undersized. Overall suspension travel is not great, and the weight of the vehicle drops them to about 90% of their total travel leaving very little room for bumps. 3. Everything is loose, some screws aren't even finger tight out of the box -- before you drive it, get some loctite and secure everything you can access. Check all screws regularly before driving. 4. Oddly, the steering is excellent - very tight, almost no slop. However, the rear suspension has a LOT of play and can move side to side by about 1 cm, so that tight steering still doesn't give you the most stable ride. I tightened everything up as much as I could with o-rings but it's still not great. 5. Did you know you can do wheelies in reverse on 3S? Well you can do wheelies in reverse on 3S. 6. Tires are ~100mm diameter. This thing will do burn outs on 120mm tires. 7. I spent about 3 hours adjusting the front end first thing. This seems like a chore (it is) but it allows you to center your steering to ensure you get full use of your servo as well as adjust your suspension height so it isn't all bad. If you have a small wrench for the lock nuts they are useful. Finger tight isn't good enough. If you don't have a wrench to really lock them down, just use loctite. 8. So I don't know locked vs unlocked differentials but this thing behaves much differently than my cheaper 4WD. It feels tighter which is good, but also -- rotating one wheel causes all 4 to rotate (I think that's locked right?) On my cheaper car, rotating one wheel causes the opposite wheel to rotate in the opposite direction. The FY03 will do this but only if you hold two tires so they won't turn and it's all very tight feeling. Overall I THINK this is a good thing. 9. The Brushless motor is pretty cheap, I think. Time will tell but I've already ordered a 2845 to drop in