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Aliay It has 12 points temperature test area indicate,will affect the actual temp of SMD on a crowded pcb,a single-point Thermometer will be better.

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Q: did you know the 'UK' plug is illegal in the UK?

Asked by DavidGranger on 2019-02-25 07:11:14

bryansshort Correct it has a CE mark which is irrelevant it should have BS1363 This plug has no fuse, the earth pin is shielded and the distance between the pins and the edge of the plug is too small. Absolutely lethal! An accident waiting to happen.

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Q: Does the UK version have a legal plug on it? is it at least fused?

Asked by GreenaGiant on 2018-10-14 04:01:01

DavidGranger from the picture totally illegal in the uk ,no fuse and pins to close to edge of the tiny plug ! nasty nasty things

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