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HamiltonStrength I had a lot of trouble getting the replacement to work. I had to delete the old pairing and try pairing it again. Had to do this a few times then figured out you have to leave them both in the box when trying to pair.

2021-01-13 08:11:06 (0)
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HamiltonStrength I bought this for my wife. She is emergency rescue personal. Has worn it in pouring rain. No problems.

2021-01-13 08:09:23 (0)
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HamiltonStrength Hi. Just purchased this and am having trouble getting the headsets to sync. I have tried both methods mentioned above to sync them (holding the button on the charge box and holding the button on the headsets) and neither seem to work. Please help.

2020-10-18 09:36:35 (4)
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