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BG473522354 the switching is controlled by a free channel on your receiver and transmitter. it can not be swit hed manually on the board. Ex: plug switch into spare receiver Channel on your rc. Use your transmitter, for controlling your rc, to flip the switch between cameras. when you switch the camera, your video feed automatically changes to the new camera. it's a great way to have up to 3 cameras per 1 video feed.

2021-03-03 08:38:19 (1)
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BG473522354 no. but if you look close at the switch, you can see the 3 video inputs vs. the output for the transmitter. the other side of the switch, with the single input goes to your rc's receiver. battery connects directly to the transmitter on the 2 free wires. I use a 2s 850mah mini lipo for this and it works great. camera views are switched by rc controller (will not work without this as rc receiver powers the switch). hope that helps.

2021-01-15 08:41:54 (0)
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: will these work with a 1:8 8.4v?

BG504432351 2021-01-14 10:20:03

BG473522354 most likely it will. I'm running 2s lipo on the 20amp side for a smaller rc. switching to 30amps will probably do it. But you should consider a 40 to 60 amp capable esc.

2021-01-15 08:35:08 (1)
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