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: Cuantas baterías trae el kit?

cokenavarro 2021-04-30 01:06:24

Peqealesa dos baterías que duran nada, son de 300mah la mitad de la capacidad de las del Xk130, yo compre dos más para este 150x para poder volar cuatro veces medianamente bien durante el periodo de puesta a punto

2021-05-18 07:54:43 (0)
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Peqealesa no, it's not, i try a few times and its impossible, only bind well with my fssh futaba radio, and the quality of this mini trex 150x is lower than expected, i feelt better with my 450 trex and the xk130 and my new eachine E160, i spend my money on a bad quality 150x, one servo was broken after some test flights and it's not easy to obtain the correct setup for a newbie, i don't recommend as first heli,

2021-05-18 07:51:21 (0)
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Peqealesa after any damage or personal injuries, please review the alishanmao youtuber explanation about to setup the GPS, its easy to do but neccesary for a safe flight.

BG351314213 30/04/2021

: where i can buy the spare parts for the V915,

Peqealesa 2019-07-20 02:29:17

zengjiewen there are spare parts:

2019-07-22 12:41:01 (0)
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