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Q: What is the program you use to draw?

Asked by BG229133650 on 2021-05-28 08:07:45

Jerome When you insert the USB connector to the computer the pop-up program will appear. You need to click the setup tool after down installing there is a box that you need to tick. This box is the software you need to install so you can use the tab for drawing. This software called PAINT TOOL SAI. Install it and enjoy

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Q: is this an authentic Lenovo brand?

Asked by owliber on 2021-01-24 07:19:03

Jaybee I'mnot sure but i think it is the original brand because it works perfectly in me

2021-03-25 02:14:54 Helpful (1)
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BG491011491 HI,I did not try this card yet since before, I just want to try it for now. I hope it will support NVIDIA Tech.

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