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BG443716444 12/06/2020
I am severely disappointed with this product because I received this product on the 05/06/2020 and the day after I received it I charged it up so I could see just how good my new product was that I purchased for exactly $46.07 that also included the fee for insurance and shipping as well but I quickly found out that this product I purchased and received was actually faulty as this product didn't work at all, I tried many times to get in contact with the Bangood company by either phone or email but I also found that I couldn't ring the Bangood company with the number that was supplied with the Bangood company website so I then contacted the Bangood company by email many times and in this type of instance with a faulty product you have 1 week to send it back to the Bangood company BUT & I MEAN BUT you have to send a short video of the faulty product to show the product you purchased is faulty and doesn't work and how it doesn't work but every time I sent in a short video to the Bangood company the online consultant who in this case was a person by the name of Wren kept instructing me that both she and the Bangood company didn't receive the files of the videos I kept sending them and now the weeks time frame is over it looks like I lose out completely, Not Happy P.S I also want to give all customers a warning as well that when you get packages shipped out to you from overseas I've noticed after many times of ordering items this way from overseas that it looks like the merchandise you order and pay for is getting treated in a very unsatisfactory way as I've received packages inside boxes and cartons were severely dented, ripped and very creased just like packages are either getting thrown around or otherwise getting crushed and destroyed underneath heavy items, Thankyou From Matty Heath