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Q: What is the maximum dimensions of model W x D x H. mm?

Asked by BG038548121 on 2023-06-08 10:44:22

matu04 Internet tells 220x220x270mm

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matu04 24/01/2022
Received in 6 days. Included is the machine, ice tray, scoop, manual. First impressions: stilish and well made product. Rinsed it using the cleaning function (it takes whopping 20 minutes). Produced the first 9 cubes in total of ~10-11 minutes (the lid was open as I was curious to record what is going on). (Room temperature was ~+20C, water from tap ~+16C). When lid was closed, it even got to around ~7min per batch afterwards. Ice is ~30mm x 25mm. Machine creates a bit of noise but it is OK. Overall, very easy, only need to pour in fresh water and start. A lot more convenient than buying ready-made ice-cubes from store or spending time filling and emptying the ice trays that go into the freezer. Of course if you have leftover ice from the machine, you can still put them into the freezer for later use. The machine is rated 105 Watts of power, I checked and real usage was ~90-100 Watts during the operation. So it seems efficient and more reasonable to have the machine than buy ready-made ice. Pros: * Easy, fast and straight-forward operation with only one button * Very fast, nice for home or even small cafe use * Convenient size of the ice produced (~30 x 25mm) * Efficient (consumes only ~90-100 Watts while in operation) * Reasonably priced (~100€ / 113.26 USD including delivery) * It detects when the ice tray is full and also when there is too less water left * Tray can hold quite a lot of ice * All that you need is included (the scoop etc) * Cleaning function that rinses the system * Long power cord (~150cm) Cons: * Drain hole could actually be better, as it would be a bit unconvenient to always bring the machine slighlty over the countertop to drain. * It was not specified which cleaning agents are safe to use with the self-clean function, only which not to use. * For home it could even be a bit smaller and take less space, but not a real con and means you get more ice :) A good buy!
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Q: Hi, what is power draw (per round of ice)?

Asked by mpjslo on 2022-01-18 10:20:52

matu04 Machine is rated 105 W and real consumption which I measured is around 90-100W. So ~7-10 minutes (one round of ice) is max ~0.013-0.018 kWh. One hour would be max ~0.105 kWh. Quite efficient in my opinion when compared to buying ready made ice from supermarket or messing around with freezer ice trays. While ide (no ice-making in progress, green LED blinking) it measures 0 Watts with a meter.

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Q: is it side switch on/off or rear clicky?

Asked by tri3dtips on 2019-01-26 12:49:28

matu04 Side switch (the green/red light on the picture is a push switch button).

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