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Q: is this battery operated or chemical reaction?

Asked by Torrey13 on 2021-03-08 06:39:32

zebster It is nuclear, NOT CHEMICAL. Powered by Tritium, a Hydrogen isotope, emitting beta radiation during its long decay (over 12 years half-life). Don't swallow it...

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sefre The headline of a product on Banggood is always and only a list of search phrases. Feel lucky that it refers to a lamp and not a chainsaw. Is it annoying? Yes of course but you can´t change it.

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Q: WTF is it supposed to cut?

Asked by Michael Davis on 2020-12-11 11:17:37

zebster This question is answered by the pics. The real question, since it comes "with remote", where is the remote and how to remote-cut anything??

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Q: Is it 5-12V as in the description, or 5-24V as on the product?

Asked by zebster on 2021-02-11 02:46:47

PupZi Well the mini LED Controller works from 5 to 24V. Unfortunately it passes the Voltage thru and your LEDs on the strip will probably die. You rather feed the mini Controller with the current of your LED Strip (mostly 5V) and add an additional power source if you like to supply a strip longer then ~3m. So you can operate your strip with a even brightness an above >3 Amps overall consumption. Guess this will help you, best zip

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zebster Deazt ltod ugye, hogy nem UV?? Ahhoz, hogy sterilizlni lehessen vele, a hullmhossznak 100nm-tl 280nm-ig kne lennie, nem 445nm-es, kkes fny semminek...

BDR 29/07/2020
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Q: What is the full length of this item? (Total size)

Asked by camaskassi on 2018-08-10 02:34:08

zebster 405mm end-to-end, as on the picture :)

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zebster Jefiboy, if it works from Bluetooth, it should work from the jack. There is a capacitor coupling this input to the "signal flow" from Bluetooth, so check your jack's connection to the rest.

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