Q: What is the main difference between BW-SLT2 and BW-CML2?

Asked by ceRedAn on 2021-11-01 18:04:32

carsil501 The installation method is different, the SLT2 has a damping bracket that is easy to put on and change monitors. The CML2 has a magnet attachment design with an adhesive-backed metal fixture that you permanently stick to the monitor, and the lightbar has a magnet that attaches to the metal strip. Includes 2 metal accessories for up to 2 monitors. My opinion: I have both models and I really liked the CML2 fixation because it's stronger, it doesn't loosen easily. The SLT2 can easily fall over.

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carsil501 Olá. Use apenas uma das peças de metal. A outra peça é para usar em outro monitor ou deixar de reserva. Retire o plástico da fita dupla face da peça de metal e cole na parte de cima do monitor (veja as fotos no anúncio). Agora deve aproximar o imã fixo da luminária onde colou a peça de metal. E pronto.

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