Q: Hi, what is power draw (per round of ice)?

Asked by mpjslo on 2022-01-18 10:20:52

matu04 Machine is rated 105 W and real consumption which I measured is around 90-100W. So ~7-10 minutes (one round of ice) is max ~0.013-0.018 kWh. One hour would be max ~0.105 kWh. Quite efficient in my opinion when compared to buying ready made ice from supermarket or messing around with freezer ice trays. While ide (no ice-making in progress, green LED blinking) it measures 0 Watts with a meter.

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Q: is it side switch on/off or rear clicky?

Asked by tri3dtips on 2019-01-26 00:49:28

matu04 Side switch (the green/red light on the picture is a push switch button).

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